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Your Pavement Maintenance Contractor for the 21st Century.
                            "When Quality Counts!"

Rainbow Sweepers is the premier, full-service pavement maintenance contractor on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.
Our Company has the capacity to handle any size job with modern, specialized trucks and equipment and experienced, well-trained staff.
We regularly maintain:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Complexes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Parks
  • Private Parking Lots
  • Private Driveways
  • Subdivisions
    At Rainbow Sweepers, we are proud of the quality and reliability of service that we provide. Through effective management techniques, Rainbow Sweepers can help you maximize your valuable asphalt maintenance dollars.

    Rainbow Sweepers professional management team can give you recommendations, along with cost estimates, for short- or long-term time frames, which will enhance the appearance of your property and extend the life of your asphalt.

    As a full-service pavement maintenance contractor, we can reduce the need to deal with multiple vendors with varying degrees of dependability.

    Our services include:
    • Parking Lot and Construction Sweeping/Vacuuming
    • Asphalt Sealcoating, Hot Rubberized Crackfilling
      and Asphalt Patching
    • Concrete Extruded Curbing & Tire Stops
    • Parking Lot, Street and Highway Signage
    • Snow Plowing/Sanding/De-Icing
    • Six Trucks to Better Serve the Port Angeles/Sequim Area
    • Asphalt & Concrete Sawcutting
    • Commercial arid Residential Hydroseeding
    • Erosion Control and Straw Blowing