Asphalt pavements are subject to deterioration, due to water and sunlight. Water intrusion is the leading cause of pavement failures. Water softens the base and sub-base under the asphalt. This situation leads to cracks or “alligator” areas and those areas eventually become potholes. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the second leading cause of pavement failures. Sunlight oxidizes the pavement causing the asphalt to become brittle and to begin to unravel. Unprotected, those pavements will eventually fall apart.

The primary method of protecting valuable investments in asphalt surfaces are sealcoating and cracksealing. The first line of defense against water intrusion is cracksealing. Cracks in asphalt pavements begin at the bottom of the asphalt and work their way to the surface. Once a crack reaches the surface, the volume of water reaching the base increases dramatically. If left alone, the crack will continue to widen and the pavement will eventually fail. Properly sealing those cracks will greatly reduce the flow of water.

Sealcoating asphalt is very similar to painting wood. A sealcoat provides a protective barrier between the pavement and water and sunlight, while providing a new, eye-pleasing look to the property. The keys to quality sealcoating and cracksealing are preparation and using superior products in the application. We believe that no other contractor on the North Olympic Peninsula spends the preparation time that RSI does for both sealcoating and cracksealing. We also use only top-of-the-line products, thus assuring the best possible results on each and every job.

You can also expect our crews to work in a professional and courteous manner and, through careful planning and efficient operations, we can minimize the disruption to your business.